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R. Sathish Adithya, E. M. Manikgandan, Kabilan Natarajan, S. Kanimozhi
Introduction:Gandhaga thailam is a Siddha formulation prepared from Gandhagam (Sulphur) Vediuppu, (Potassium Nitrate) and Manosilai (Arsenic di Sulphide ), Navacharam…
Education and Welfare
R. Sathish Adithya, E. M. Manikgantan, N. Kabilan, S. Kanimozhi
Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2024-03-04
Introduction: Wound is defined as disruption in the integrity of skin. Wound healing is a physiological process primarily initiated by…
Muzaffer Alam, S. Joy, T. Susan, A. Saraswathy
Ancient Science of Life, 1998
Talaka mattirai, Iti vallati meluku, tamibira parpam and Naka centuram of siddha system of medicine were screened for antibacterial activity…
Muzaffer Alam, S. Joy, K. K. Purushothaman, J. R. Krishna Muthy, T. Anandan, G. Veluchamy
Ancient Science of Life, 1988
“777 oil” a coded drug of Siddha system of medicine was prepared and analyzed in the paper. The drug showed…
Muzaffer Alam, B. Rukmani, S. Joy, T. Anandan, G. Veluchamy
Ancient Science of Life, 1986
“777 oil” is a code drug of the Siddha system of medicine used in the treatment of Psoriasis. The drug…
Muzaffer Alam, B. Rukmani, T. Anandan
Ancient Science of Life, 1985
“777 oil” is a coded drug of the Siddha system of medicine prescribed in Psoriasis. Sunlight plays an important role…
A. Anandakumar, V. Rajendran, Balasubramaniam, R. Muralidharan
Ancient Science of Life, 1984
Kattusirakam or Vanajira is an important fruit drug in Siddha and Ayurveda systems of Medicine. The market sample of Madras…
A. Anandakumar, M. Balasubramanian, R. Muralidharan
Ancient Science of Life, 1983
Nilavarai Curnam, a compound drug formulation in Siddha System of Medicine was analysed. The Microscopic methods of identifying their ingredients,…
T. Anandan, G. Veluchamy
Bulletin of the Indian Institute of History of Medicine (Hyderabad), 1995
In siddha system of medicine the total number of diseases are said to be 4448, but the subclassification methodology and…
Kumaravel Appavoo, Mudiganti Ram Krishna Rao
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked, 2019-01-01
Application of computational tools in medical science can assist physicians with analysis of disease. Herein, prediction based on a subset…
Acalypha fruticosa
15th Sep 2022