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Katherine Gutiérrez-Luna, Diana Ansorena, Iciar Astiasarán
Journal of Food Science, 2022-03-12
New sources of bioactive compounds are constantly explored for reformulating healthier foods. This work aimed to explore and characterize the…
bioactive compounds
Tzeela Cohen, Menachem Ben-Ezra, Shirly Yanai, Tal Oren-Azulay, Simon Wein, Yaira Hamama-Raz
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2023-05-25
CONTEXT: Demand for medical cannabis (MC) is growing among Israeli patients with cancer. OBJECTIVES: The study sought to assess factors…
Jordan P. Davis, John Prindle, Shaddy K. Saba, Carl A. Castro, Justin Hummer, Liv Canning, Eric R. Pedersen
Journal of Sleep Research, 2023-05-26
Insomnia is highly prevalent among military veterans, with rates nearly double that of civilian populations. Insomnia typically co-occurs with other…
cannabis use disorder
Sabrina Giguère, Stéphane Potvin, Mélissa Beaudoin, Laura Dellazizzo, Charles-Édouard Giguère, Alexandra Furtos, Karine Gilbert, Kingsada Phraxayavong, Alexandre Dumais
Journal of Personalized Medicine, 2023-04-29
Cannabis use disorder (CUD) is a complex issue, even more so when it is comorbid with a severe mental disorder…
addiction intervention
Alex M. Kleidon, Andrew M. Peterson, Ilene Warner-Maron, Allen Glicksman
Journal of Primary Care & Community Health, 2023
OBJECTIVE: With the rise of medical and recreational cannabis use among older adults, concerns about the potential risks and benefits…
Pierre-Louis Naillon, Valentin Flaudias, Georges Brousse, Catherine Laporte, Julien S. Baker, Valentin Brusseau, Aurélie Comptour, Marek Zak, Jean-Baptiste Bouillon-Minois, Frédéric Dutheil
Medicines (Basel, Switzerland), 2023-04-27
Background: Cannabis use by physicians can be detrimental for them and their patients. We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis…
Rita Silva-Reis, Artur M. S. Silva, Paula A. Oliveira, Susana M. Cardoso
Biomolecules, 2023-04-28
Cannabis sativa is a multipurpose plant that has been used in medicine for centuries. Recently, considerable research has focused on…
Alessandro Tafuri, Andrea Panunzio, Rita De Mitri, Federico Benetti, Elisa Gaio, Vincenzo Pagliarulo
Cells, 2023-02-14
Urothelial inflammation plays a key role in the pathogenesis of chronic pelvic pain due to its origin in the bladder.…
Xing Wang Zhu, Jun Yan, Long Miao, Ying Li He, Hai Ping Wang, Xun Li
Trials, 2023-03-06
BACKGROUND: The incidence of colorectal cancer among the middle-aged and elderly is gradually increasing in China. Colonoscopy is an effective…
Tianpeng Chen, Jinfeng He, Jianchun Zhang, Hua Zhang, Ping Qian, Jianxiong Hao, Lite Li
Journal of Dietary Supplements, 2010-06
In this study, eight cultivars of hempseed were collected from different regions of China for analysis of physiochemical properties and…
15th Sep 2022