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Jierong Han, Hengzhou Lai, Wenyuan Li, Huarui Liao, Chong Xiao, Xueke Li, Fengming You, Jing Guo
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2024-05-23
Ethnopharmacological relevance Traditional plant-based medicines (TMs) have been widely used to prevent chronic oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (OIPN). However, the prevention…
Colorectal cancer
Kshirod Kumar Ratha, Satya Ranjan Misra, Rupsa Das
Oral Oncology Reports, 2024-03-01
Abhishek Gupta, Priyanka Gupta, Gunjan Bajpai
Heliyon, 2024-02-29
Medicinal herbs are being widely accepted as alternative remedies for preventing various diseases especially in India and other Asian countries.…
Chemical compounds
Farzana Ansari, Md Sohel, Md Mahfujul Haque Haidary, Md Saqline Mostaq, Shamima Akter, Asrafun Nahar, Fatematuz Zohora Labony, Arman Ahmed, Mohammed Shamim Hasan, Mohammad Hasem Babu, Mohammad Nurul Amin
Heliyon, 2024-02-27
Dementia is a common neurodegenerative disorder connected to damage to nerve cells in the brain. Although some conventional drugs are…
Sedat Arslan
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, 2024-04-01
In today's world, where nutrition forms the cornerstone of human health, the potential harms of misinformation are concerning. Nutritional myths,…
AI in healthcare
Khoa Nguyen Tran, Ji-Hye Kwon, Min-Kyung Kim, Nhi Phuc Khanh Nguyen, In-Jun Yang
Phytomedicine, 2024-02-28
Background Intranasal administration has been adopted in traditional medicine to facilitate access to the bloodstream and central nervous system (CNS).…
CNS disease
Cairn Wu, Ashley Mulakaluri, Pranay Chaurasia, Sindhu Suryanarayana, Ambreen Singh, Nicole Krauss, Peggy Tahir, Charles Elder, Rammanohar Puthiyedath, Anand Dhruva
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, 2024-01-31
INTRODUCTION: Rasayanas are Ayurvedic natural products that have adaptogenic effects. The extensive research on rasayanas in oncology is not currently…
Ranjit Nimbalkar, Akshay M. Baheti, Anil T. Pawar, Amol A. Tagalpallewar, Manasi R. Nimbalkar
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, 2024-02-01
Breast cancer shows high mortality, especially in women worldwide. This report discusses a case of female patient with a history…
Ashish A. Chinchansure, Apurva Anugamini, Ananda L, Rekha Patel
Natural Product Research, 2024-02-05
The Phyllanthus is a plant used in the traditional Ayurvedic Medicine system and has more than 800 species. These species…
Ali Mobasheri, Aliyyaa Spring-Charles, Francesco Carlo Gamaleri, Joyce McSwan, Manohar Garg, Vidhu Sood Sethi
Journal of Pain Research, 2024
BACKGROUND: Pharmacological approaches to acute and chronic pain management, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioids, are respectively associated with…
expert panel discussion
15th Sep 2022