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Queen Saikia, Kamal Adhikari, Taslema Begum, Sagarika Dutta, Ajit Hazarika, Jogen Chandra Kalita
Egyptian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2024-12-31
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent male sexual condition marked by the inability to achieve and maintain a satisfactory penile…
Erectile dysfunction
Emma McLaughlin, Nafeel Arshad, Kelsey Ellis, Amy Chen, Kate Fougere, S. Nicole Culos-Reed, Amanda Wurz,
Annals of Medicine, 2024-12
BACKGROUND: Yoga may reduce negative cancer- and treatment-related effects and help improve a range of outcomes, including flexibility, mindfulness, and…
Andong Zhao, Qianqian Sun, Jiahao Zhang, Tian Hu, Xuewei Zhou, Chuan Wang, Jiping Liu, Bin Wang
Annals of Medicine, 2024-12
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Ischaemic encephalopathy is a common cerebrovascular disease caused by insufficient blood supply to the cerebral vessels. The…
Ischaemic encephalopathy
Fatma A. Elshibani, Abdullah D. Alamami, Hamdoon A. Mohammed, Rabab Ahmed Rasheed, Radwa M. El Sabban, Mohamed A. Yehia, Sherif S. Abdel Mageed, Taghreed A. Majrashi, Eslam B. Elkaeed, Mahmoud A. El Hassab, Wagdy M. Eldehna, Mohamed K. El-Ashrey
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 2024-12
The Libyan Strawberry, Arbutus pavarii Pampan (ARB), is an endemic Jebel Akhdar plant used for traditional medicine. This study presents…
Angiotensin Receptor Antagonists
Srikala Kamireddy, S. Sangeetha, Sreya Kosanam
Current Traditional Medicine, 2024-08-01
Nature contains a diverse range of phytoconstituents that possess several pharmacological properties. However, the effectiveness of herbal formulations is limited…
Syal Kumar, Thomas Rampp
Current Traditional Medicine, 2024-08-01
Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medical practice, which has at its heart a subcontinent filled with diverse customs and ethos.…
Malihe Keramat, Mohammad-Taghi Golmakani
Food Chemistry, 2024-07-01
The antioxidant activity of curcumin and curcumin esters was investigated in oleogel and emulgel produced by linseed oil. In the…
Curcumin ester
Zhihui Yu, Yating Gao, Ziqi Shang, Tengfei Wang, Xuli He, Jian Lei, Fei Tai, Lixin Zhang, Yisheng Chen
Food Chemistry, 2024-06-15
The construction of protein-based nano-gels as curcumin delivery system effectively enhances the stability and bioavailability of curcumin. In this study,…
Acylation modification
Pranay Wal, Vibha Shukla, Mohd M. Uzzaman Khan, Khushboo Gaur, Ankita Wal, Nem Kumar Jain
Current Traditional Medicine, 2024-06-01
Background: Natural products have a crucial role in the discovery and development of drug molecules. The secondary metabolites derived from…
Crotalaria burhia
Nitesh Sharma, Jyoti Kumar, Viralkumar Patel, Rahul Garg
Journal of Applied Consciousness Studies, Jan-Jun 2024
Background:  Meditation using mantras is widely practiced in India and the world. Among the ancient Vedic mantras, the Gayatri Mantra…
15th Sep 2022