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Mohit Bhalla
The Economic Times, 2024-01-18
"The last few years have seen a veritable explosion of start-ups in the Ayurveda space. The Ayurveda industry is dominated…
The Times of India, 2019-08-21
There are several stories making the rounds about wine being healthy. However, the health factor also depends on the alcohol…
Catherine Halley
JSTOR Daily, 2020-03-04T12:59:00+00:00
The plant’s golden color has inspired a long—and potentially deadly—fascination.
The Indian Express, 2020-06-19T21:36:26+05:30
After decades of neglect, the ancient Indian healing and cure system is poised to take its place in the healthcare…
InnoHEALTH Magazine
InnoHEALTH magazine, 2018-12-26T08:24:41+00:00
World’s First Artificial Intelligence powered Ayurveda Protocol launched in India; prospects of its linkage of AYUSH grid brighten up
D Balasubramanian
The Hindu, 2012-06-06T22:35:27+05:30
The pharmacologist says his product is evidence-based while that of the vaidya is empirical. But the latter says that his…
George Joseph
Business Standard News, 2013